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As the son of a high school coach in the great state of Texas, I have always enjoyed playing and watching sports.  I am a self-proclaimed sports junkie.  At the top of the list is college football, followed by pro football and golf.  Admittedly, my writings will be biased toward Texas schools, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and all three service academies.  While it is dying a slow death, I enjoy Big 12 football (with the exception of Oklahoma) and you won’t catch me ever cheering for an SEC school.  Rather than write about it, this short clip of Alabama’s valedictorian sums it up

I hate everything about the SEC (Tennessee puke orange, the University [sic] of Georgia, corn dogs, and incest), but I can still manage to give credit where credit is due.  As for coaches, Bob Stoops and Steve Spurrier cry more than my 5 year-old daughter. 
I’m a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.  The last 5-10 years have been a little rough, but the Cowboys have released the drug addicts and Tony Romo shed his fat girlfriend so things are beginning to look up.  I’ll always pull for the NFC unless it is the Eagles.  I get annoyed by any Bear’s fan that can still sing the “Super Bowl Shuffle.”  I wish the Patriots would go 0-16 as long as Bill Beli-cheat is the coach.
As for golf, Tiger is a dirt bag.  Phil Mickelson is okay, but I want to puke every time I hear him call an interviewer by their first name.  “You know, Lee, that’s a good point.”  The tour needs more Bubba Watsons and who cares if John Daly smokes on the course.  What you see is what you get.  I’m a shameless David Duval fan because anyone who has played more than one round of golf can understand the highs and the lows you go through chasing that little white ball all over the course.
Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion about my articles because I definitely won’t hold back in voicing mine.  Finally, thanks for visiting our site.

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