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LeroyI have always been a sports fan and enjoy explaining sports stories to my sports-challenged friends (like our webmaster), so this website was a natural fit for me.  Actually our webmaster came up with the idea for the site and convinced me to join forces with him.  I think it is because we used to commute together and he probably got tired of me saying that commuting with him was like commuting with my grandmother. 
Sports watching started early for me.  My dad and I spent many quality hours when I was a little man watching the Atlanta Braves.  We would take a trip once a summer to Atlanta at a time when you could show up at the stadium a few minutes before the game, pay 20 bucks, and get two seats right behind home plate.  It was tough being a Braves fan in the 1980s—Sports Illustrated even dubbed Atlanta “Losersville, USA.”  I remember sitting in the stands watching Tom Glavine as a rookie and thinking “where do the Braves get these sorry players?”  Eight years later, I watched from the stands as Tom Glavine and the Braves won the 1995 World Series.  It is funny how sports encapsulates so much of life—the lean times make you appreciate the good times that much more.
I enjoy relating sports news to what is real life for most of us.  Our celebrity-obsessed culture can produce some pretty strange behavior, so besides the regular sports news, I enjoy emphasizing some of the bizarre things that happen in the world of sports.  I guess one day I will be the old man in the mall that goes there to “people watch.” 
I hope you enjoy this website—obviously most of us are “sports guys,” but it is fun for us to share our passion with folks that may be just getting interested in sports or simply want to commute with a friend without being teased incessantly.  I would be glad to write about anything you are interested in, so be sure to send me an email. 

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