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I love the experience of it all.  I like learning about the fans and traditions and traveling for new events.  I’ve seen games in 23 Major League stadiums and 15 College Football venues (including 9 BCS conference schools and three bowl games).  While in Europe I caught a Bayern Munich soccer game (one of the richest sports franchises in the world).  Oh yeah… and I went to the best Super Bowl of my generation that the Patriots didn’t lose.  (I was at Super Bowl XXXVI, incredible game and we won.  XLII was a better game, but I don’t count it because the Giants cheated and the Patriots lost.)
I enjoy stats and minutiae and do not shy away from the label of Sports Nerd.  College football is a close second to baseball in my mind, mostly because of the rivalries and obscure facts or traditions you find when you follow over 100 programs.  I'm an "SEC hater," but will concede that they have some pretty solid football teams down there, just like I'll concede that the Yankees have cheated and spent their way to 27 titles. 
Areas of interest:
Baseball: love it, but I can’t even hit off of a tee.  Do you know how good Pedro was in 1999?  I do; ask me.
College Football: Love the Army team, and always rooted for Notre Dame because of some close family ties. 
Teams I would “like” on Facebook if I were into Facebook:
Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots.  Army and Notre Dame football… and Georgia if you’re going to make me pick an SEC school.  I’d also like US Soccer, a page that says “no interest in the NBA”, and >>>>>>>     
Writings: I’m aware that I can come across as abrasive, but that’s your problem.  I also way-overestimate my writing talent, mostly because my ego was inflated by the attention my “Baseball Crank” blog contributions (under the name Andy Tollhaus) received in 2004.  I am mentioned twice in Boston columnist Dan Shaughnessy’s book Reversing the Curse, starting on page 2-3. 
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