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01 October 2010

Six of the eight playoff teams have been identified and they are setting their team up for a playoff run.  San Diego does not appear to be part of this picture.  After several tough weeks, San Diego fell to the Cubs on Thursday night, ending up three games back.  With only three games to play (albeit against San Francisco), the Padres have to win them all.  If they pull off that sweep, both teams would be in a tie on the top of the NL West.  A one game playoff is the tiebreaker in the event of this tie.  Assuming the Braves play decently, they look to be the wild card. 

Playoff prediction:

The Phillies are too good not to make it the World Series.

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The Basics

Baseball is  has been labeled "America's Pastime" because during the late 19th and early 20th century it was the most widely played sport in the country. More...


Magic number: the combined number of wins (by the top team) and losses (by the bottom team) until the bottom team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this season.  This number is seen in parenthesis in the standing next to the second or third place teams.

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