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01 June 2010

Unbeknownst to the casual college football fan who thinks that college football lies dormant from January to August, there is a noticeable uptick in activity and anticipation of the upcoming season in June.  That’s right, JUNE, a whole two and a half months before a real game is played.   The 2nd week of June, to be exact is when the college football preview magazines hit the newsstands and message boards throughout fandom.  It seems that anyone who claims to be anything has a preseason preview, or at a minimum Preseason top 25 ranking.  AMD(computer processor company), Playboy (valued for its arousing articles), and some fat dude named Phil Steele all have a preview and preseason rankings of some sort.  Not enough dudes looking at naked women in Playboy, well then, throw in a college football pre season ranking, advertise, and voila increased readership and sales.  Apparently attaching a preseason ranking to any business/industry is a quick way to make a buck.  Be sure to catch the preseason rankings next week…

One Liner:  "The BCS is really a big crock of $hit!"  A pretty fair statement according to many fans as their teams (Utah and Auburn for example) went undefeated in conference play and did not get into the title game.

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FCS:  Football Championship Sub Division.  Formerly, and still referred to as I-AA.  This is a lower level division that has a 16 team playoff that determines their champion.

FBS:  Football Bowl Sub Division.  Formerly referred to as Division I.  This is comprised of 11 conferences (6 of which belong to the BCS, and 5 so called mid-majors), Army, Notre Dame, and Navy.

Major Conferences:  Southeastern Conference (SEC), Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac-10, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Mid Majors:  Mountain West Conference (MWC), Western Athletic Conference (WAC), Sun Belt, Conference USA, Mid America Conference (MAC)

BCS:  Bowl Championship Series.  A system designed to produce a consensus national champion in college football only because college football(read universities) refuses to have a playoff to determine the champion.  The BCS rankings are determined by a combination of computers, the USATODAY Coaches Poll, and the Harris Poll.