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05 September 2010

Week one of college football is famous for Alabama teeing off against the Southern Rhode Island Teacher’s College.  As you scroll down this week’s line up, it is much of the same.  #1 Alabama actually played San Jose State (they won 48-3), #2 Ohio State bullied Marshall (final score was 45-7), and #5 Florida beat up on Miami of Ohio (final score was 34-12).  While the majority of the games featured traditional powers beating up on cupcakes (weaker teams are called cupcakes—don’t ask me why), there were still a few surprises and big games in an otherwise boring week 1.  Here is a rundown of the games people will be talking about on Monday and Tuesday (by the way, the numbers beside teams is their ranking—the Associated Press ranks teams from 1-25 so if there is not a number by the team’s name, that means they are outside of the top 25):
Biggest upset:  Without a doubt, Ole Miss versus Jacksonville State.  Jacksonville State was the “cupcake” first opponent for Ole Miss, a traditionally middle of the road team.  Well, the cupcake blew up in their face.  In a really exciting game, Jacksonville State shocked Ole Miss in Mississippi 49-48 in double overtime.   Jacksonville State scored a touchdown in the final overtime and then scored a two-point conversion to win the game.  Ole Miss’s coach called it the worst loss of his career.
Second biggest upset:  On Thursday night, Utah defeated #15 Pitt 27-24 in overtime.  Both teams committed a few turnovers and were heavily penalized, so even though it was an upset, it was sloppily played on both sides.
Close call:  #7 Oklahoma took on mighty Utah State.  Quick, $5 for anyone that can name the mascot of Utah State.  I knew you couldn’t do it.  Before you open up another screen and Google it, they are the Aggies.  The Aggies were the cupcake that almost could.  They held their own against the powerful Oklahoma team, but in the end Oklahoma hung on 31-24 for the victory. 

There were two big games this weekend which featured ranked opponents facing off and they proved to be exciting match-ups and will probably be the topic of some conversations this week:
Most talked about matchup:  Usually the biggest game of the week occurs on Saturday night on ABC.  Lots of folks thought this would not be close since 12 players from North Carolina missed the game because of an NCAA investigation for “possible rules violations.”  Six of the players were starters.  LSU sprinted to a 30-10 lead after the first half, but did not score a point in the second half as North Carolina pulled to within 6 points.  They had a chance to win on the last two plays of the game, but the tight end dropped both passes (they were difficult to catch, but he still had a chance to catch them).  The last play was especially controversial because it appeared that one of the LSU defenders interfered with the ability of the North Carolina player to catch the ball, but the officials did not call the penalty and LSU held on for the narrow victory.
Second biggest matchup (unless you live in Texas):  #24 Oregon State faced #6 TCU.  It is hard to believe that the best football team in the state of Texas is TCU, but it might be true (traditionally the University of Texas and Texas A&M are the most powerful teams in Texas).  The exciting Oregon State offense consisting of the 5’7” Rodgers brothers (Jacquizz and James) showed up to play, but TCU won 30-21.
Big game still to come (Monday night):  #3 Boise State vs. #10 Virginia Tech – Boise State is often criticized for playing a weak schedule.  They will set the record straight by playing a quality opponent right off the bat on Monday night.  My instinct tells me that Virginia Tech will win, but I thought the same thing in 2007 when Oklahoma was completely humiliated by Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

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