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College Football:  When the Devil Goes Down to Georgia, He Visits the Football Team       Share

13 July 2010

Idle hands do the devil’s work, but they only make national sports news when they are Division I athletes for elite football programs. Early Saturday morning, Dontavius Jackson and Tavarres King, University of Georgia (UGA) football players, were arrested for alcohol related offenses.  They were initially being followed by a police officer because they failed to move over a lane while another officer had a car pulled over in the shoulder.  When a call came over that the Avalanche the players were driving was wanted in a previous hit and run incident, the two players were pulled over, charged with alcohol offenses, and hauled to jail.  The head coach of the team, Mark Richt, suspended Jackson for six games (he was charged with the hit and run) and King (only charged with underage possession of alcohol) for just one game.  After everything plays out, the penalties could end up being worse, but that’s it for now.  Although players getting in trouble isn’t anything new (underage drinking arrests only make the news when its somebody famous) this particular violation comes on the heels of a much more interesting and almost comical indiscretion by the University of Georgia’s Athletic Director. 

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Damon Evans, the University’s Athletic Director (AD) since 2004, was arrested on Wednesday for Driving Under the Influence in Atlanta.  Damon made things more interesting by having a 28 year-old woman next to him in the car (he’s 40) instead of his wife.  Evans told the trooper that she was just a friend and that her red panties got between his legs because he “held them because I was just trying to get her home.”  The young woman was also arrested for disorderly conduct, probably because when Evans attempted to bribe the trooper by telling him that he was UGA’s AD, the police officer didn’t budge.  Maybe if Damon had got his football team to do better than a 4 win – 4 loss record last year, the trooper would have been more lenient.
Although these two violations were completely unrelated, it’s what makes the news in college football’s off-season.  These things happen during the season as well, but real football stories tend to overshadow them.
One Liner:  “Bottle of booze at a Georgia ABC store - $25. Dinner with your girlfriend in Atlanta - $100; Getting caught driving drunk while hiding your mistress’ panties between your legs, then failing to bribe the law – priceless.”

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