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13 September 2010

The stage was set for what was supposed to be better than week 1 in college football.  Unfortunately, things don’t always work out as advertised (ref. the Slap-Chop and ShamWow).  The game of the week was supposed to be #1 Alabama taking on #18 Penn State.  While the score didn’t make the game seem like a blowout, Alabama was in the driver’s seat the entire game and eventually won 24-3.  #2 Ohio State took on #12 Miami (aka “The U”).  There were very few fans surprised by the 36-24 Ohio State victory.  The third game receiving a lot of attention was #10 Oklahoma taking on #17 Florida State.  Oklahoma barely beat Utah State in week 1 while Florida State crushed the inferior Samford.  However, week 2 was a different story because Oklahoma never let off the gas pedal and beat Florida State 47-17.
The game everyone will be talking about is that of James Madison.  James Madison is in the FCS (formerly Division 1-AA), but was taking on #13 Virginia Tech.  Virginia Tech’s players were clearly the superior athletes, but it takes more than superior athletes to win football games.  James Madison trailed most of the game, but kept it close.  Eventually, they won 21-16 on a 4th quarter touchdown.  There were far reaching ramifications of the Virginia Tech loss.  Boise State beat Virginia Tech in week 1.  With Virginia Tech as the toughest opponent of the season for Boise State, some believed that a victory over Virginia Tech could give Boise State national championship consideration.  While Boise State beat Virginia Tech in week 1, Virginia Tech’s loss to James Madison may have decreased Boise State’s chances at a national championship.
One Liner:  “Virginia Tech should stick to dog fighting…their football team sucks.” 

Background:  Michael and Marcus Vick played QB for Virginia Tech, but both became famous for something other than football.  Michael Vick served jail time for dog fighting and Marcus Vick’s downhill slide began with traffic violations, a DUI, brandishing a firearm, and child molestation accusations. 

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The Basics

College Football is absolutely American.  It is essentially a combination of rugby and soccer that was conceived by several universities in the 1870’s.  More...

BCS: Bowl Championship Series, the post season system developed to pit the #1 and #2 teams in the nation against each other in a national championship game.  It determines this through a ranking system that is a combination of two polls where individuals vote on the rankings and a third set of rankings comprised of a number of computer generated polls.  The BCS as a system for college football has been very controversial. 
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision – a subset of Division I football where the largest football colleges are grouped.  These are the ones you traditionally see on TV.  It is named the Bowl Subdivision because the post season for these teams are the bowl games.
FCS: Football Championship Subdivision – the next level down from FBS where the teams play a play-off to determine their national champion

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