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15 September 2010

While most of the big games from last week did not live up to the hype and turned out to be blowouts (see last week’s recap), this weekend is a boring one for most college football fans.  There is only one game in which two teams in the top 25 will face each other.  As always, though, your friends and coworkers will be talking about football, so here are the top three games that people will be discussing as we head toward Saturday.  All times listed are eastern.

12:00pm No. 12 Arkansas Razorbacks at Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs’ offense was anemic last weekend against a tough South Carolina Gamecock defense as they only managed 6 points in a 17-6 loss.  Georgia fans expected better from their team this year and a loss to Arkansas would all but put Georgia out of the race to get into the SEC (Southeastern Conference) championship game only three games into the season.  Some of the Georgia players questioned the team’s toughness and some coaches questioned their ability to physically match up with other SEC teams.  Look for Georgia to respond this weekend by going after Arkansas star quarterback Ryan Mallett and letting their own quarterback, freshmen Aaron Murray, open up the Georgia passing attack.  Arkansas is out to prove that they deserve their top 12 ranking and can hang with Alabama in the tough SEC Western division.  My heart says Georgia wins this one, but it’s going to be a close one and could be one of the most fun games to watch this weekend.

3:30pm  No. 8 Nebraska Cornhuskers at Washington Huskies

This one is my upset special.  Washington lost to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I mean Brigham Young University, in their first game, but they rebounded for an impressive win over Syracuse last week.  Led by star quarterback Jake Locker, Washington will enjoy the home field advantage in this contest which may prove decisive.  Nebraska is led by a redshirt freshman quarterback named Taylor Martinez who will be facing his first big road test as a college starter.  Look for Washington to air it out and squeak by an often streaky Nebraska team.

10:30pm  No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona

I suppose a guy on a tractor in Iowa and a cop in Phoenix care about this game, but I don’t.  The only reason I listed it is because this is the only match-up of ranked teams this weekend.  The rest of the ranked teams with the exceptions noted above are facing cream puffs.  The storyline in this game is the Iowa defense which has only given up 14 points total in its first two games.  I think I would rather watch a DVR replay of one of the games above than stay up to watch this contest, but it could prove interesting if Arizona’s offense can challenge the Iowa defense.

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The Basics

College Football is absolutely American.  It is essentially a combination of rugby and soccer that was conceived by several universities in the 1870’s.  More...

BCS: Bowl Championship Series, the post season system developed to pit the #1 and #2 teams in the nation against each other in a national championship game.  It determines this through a ranking system that is a combination of two polls where individuals vote on the rankings and a third set of rankings comprised of a number of computer generated polls.  The BCS as a system for college football has been very controversial. 
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision – a subset of Division I football where the largest football colleges are grouped.  These are the ones you traditionally see on TV.  It is named the Bowl Subdivision because the post season for these teams are the bowl games.
FCS: Football Championship Subdivision – the next level down from FBS where the teams play a play-off to determine their national champion

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