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26 September 2010

Alabama is the best team in the nation.  They mounted a great comeback against #10 Arkansas to win 24-20.  Arkansas was winning the entire game, but QB Ryan Mallett threw a couple of costly interceptions and Alabama took advantage of the miscues.  Here is what is wrong with the rankings…Arkansas dropped in the polls.  Why is it that you can lose a close game to the #1 team in the nation and you slip from #10 to #15 in the polls?  That is why teams like Boise State play a cupcake schedule and sneak into BCS bowl games.  I have two words for anyone who disagrees: James Madison.
Ohio State picked on the Eastern Michigan Women’s Teachers College and won 73-20.  Be proud, Ohio State.  #7 Texas was exposed when unranked UCLA beat them 34-12 in Austin.  #8 Oklahoma barely escaped for a second straight week.  Last week, they were nearly upset by Air Force.  This week, they eked out a win against Cincinnati 31-29.  They will not make it through their Big 12 schedule without losing.
The best game of the week was #17 Auburn beating #12 South Carolina by a score of 35-27.  The only other game worth noting was when #23 Penn State barely beat unranked Temple.  Temple, who is largely known in the sporting community as a basketball school, has been drawing some attention as of late as a borderline legitimate football program.  I would just tell them to enjoy the attention while it lasts.  It’s fleeting, just ask UConn.  The same team that had a bowl victory over South Carolina last year is counting the days until basketball season this year.

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The Basics

College Football is absolutely American.  It is essentially a combination of rugby and soccer that was conceived by several universities in the 1870’s.  More...

BCS: Bowl Championship Series, the post season system developed to pit the #1 and #2 teams in the nation against each other in a national championship game.  It determines this through a ranking system that is a combination of two polls where individuals vote on the rankings and a third set of rankings comprised of a number of computer generated polls.  The BCS as a system for college football has been very controversial. 
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision – a subset of Division I football where the largest football colleges are grouped.  These are the ones you traditionally see on TV.  It is named the Bowl Subdivision because the post season for these teams are the bowl games.
FCS: Football Championship Subdivision – the next level down from FBS where the teams play a play-off to determine their national champion

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