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College Football Week 13:
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27 November 2010



This weekend featured huge rivalries with Alabama and Auburn taking center stage.  After the games this weekend, both Oregon and Auburn are that much closer to meeting for college football’s national championship.

Biggest Upset: 

No. 19 Nevada Wolf Pack 34, No. 4 Boise State Broncos 31 (overtime win).  Boise State has been the most controversial team in college football this year.  It’s not because of anything the team has done—it is just because they keep winning.  Boise State had the nation’s longest winning streak coming into this game at 24 straight.  However, the Broncos do not play as tough of a schedule as other top teams like Auburn and Oregon.  If Boise State won this game, they would be positioned to get into the national championship if one of those two teams lost, which a lot of fans from big conferences like the ones that Auburn and Oregon play in are not happy about.  Well, the controversy is over.  The Nevada Wolf Pack pulled the huge upset on Friday night.  Boise State was up by 17 points at halftime, but Nevada came roaring back in the second half.  Boise State looked like they would hold on for the victory, though.  After Nevada scored with just 13 seconds left in the game, Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore hit wide receiver Titus Young with a 53-yard pass on the first play after the Nevada touchdown.  There was one second left on the clock, just enough time for Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman to hit an easy 26 yard field goal, which he proceeded to miss.  Nearly the same thing happened in overtime, as Brotzman missed an easy 29 yard field goal.  Nevada’s freshman kicker Anthony Martinez made his 34 yard field goal in overtime to dash Boise State’s dream of a national championship.

Good one-liner:  “It just wasn’t meant to be for Boise State this year.”

Biggest Game: 

No. 2 Auburn Tigers 28, No. 11 Alabama Crimson Tide 27.  This match-up is a huge rivalry game as the two schools battle for the title of the best college football team in Alabama.  Alabama fans like to think that Auburn is their whipping boy, saying among other things that Auburn stands for “Alabama Usually Beats Us Round November.”  Alabama was last year’s national champion and had their way with Auburn, and it looked like this game might go that way too.  Alabama got off to a quick start and led Auburn 24-0 late in the second quarter.  And then Alabama’s offense fell asleep and Auburn heated up.  Led by likely Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton at quarterback, Auburn stormed back to take the 28-27 victory.  Newton had three touchdown passes and ran for their other score, demonstrating just how important he is to the Auburn team.  No team had ever come from 24 points down to beat Alabama, but Newton and Auburn did it on Friday.  Auburn remained undefeated and will face off against the No. 18 South Carolina Gamecocks on December 4th for the Southeastern Conference Championship.  If Auburn wins that game (which they will be favored to), they will be in the national championship game.

Good one-liner:  “Cam Newton showed how good he was on Friday—there probably aren’t any other quarterbacks that could have done what he did against Alabama.”

No. 1 Continues to Roll

No. 1 Oregon Ducks 48, No. 21 Arizona Wildcats 29.  Arizona hung in there for a while with the nation’s number one team, but Oregon proved to be too much for them in the second half.  Arizona led 19-14 at halftime, but Oregon stormed back in the second half thanks to some sloppy Arizona defense and penalties.

Horns Get Hooked: 

No. 17 Texas A&M Aggies 24, Texas Longhorns 17.  Just to show how quickly things can change, this time last year Texas was getting ready to play in the national championship game.  This year, they came into this game with a 5-6 record, hoping for the victory to become eligible for whatever low-tier bowl game would take them.  Well, they proceeded to lose to the rival Aggies, dropping to 5-7 and out of contention for a bowl game.  This season was the first losing campaign for the Longhorns since 1997.

Good one-liner:  “Garret Gilbert is no Colt McCoy” (quote references the fact that the Longhorns’ quarterback, Garret Gilbert, has struggled to replace last year’s starter, Colt McCoy.  Gilbert has 17 interceptions on the season which leads his conference).

Huskers Take the North:

No. 15 Nebraska Cornhuskers 45, Colorado Buffaloes 17.  This year is Nebraska’s last in the Big-12 conference, and they are trying to go out with a bang.  They destroyed Colorado without their usual starting quarterback, Taylor Martinez, who was out with an injury.  In fact, one of the Husker’s running backs, Rex Burkhead, passed for two touchdowns for the Huskers who didn’t miss a beat against the Buffaloes.  The win sealed the Big-12 north title for Nebraska for the second straight year.  Nebraska will face either Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, or Texas A&M in the Big-12 championship game next week depending on the outcome of some games on Saturday.

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The Basics

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BCS: Bowl Championship Series, the post season system developed to pit the #1 and #2 teams in the nation against each other in a national championship game.  It determines this through a ranking system that is a combination of two polls where individuals vote on the rankings and a third set of rankings comprised of a number of computer generated polls.  The BCS as a system for college football has been very controversial. 
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision – a subset of Division I football where the largest football colleges are grouped.  These are the ones you traditionally see on TV.  It is named the Bowl Subdivision because the post season for these teams are the bowl games.
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