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28 November 2010


Boise State was exposed.  Oregon delivers in the second half.  Auburn makes an unbelievable comeback.  Find out who became bowl eligible and who will be watching the bowls from the comfort of their own home.
Prior to this weekend, all eyes were on the top 4 teams in the country: Oregon, Auburn, TCU and Boise State.  The top 3 won, but Boise State’s luck ran out.  They faced #19 Nevada.  Boise State was in position to win the game at the end of the 4th quarter, but their kicker missed a short field goal to the right and the game went to overtime.  In double overtime, the Boise State kicker had a chance to redeem himself, but again missed a short field goal, this time wide left.  Nevada got the ball and won the game with, ironically, a field goal.
Oregon was trailing to Arizona at halftime, 19-14.  In the second half, Oregon wore down Arizona by running their trademark “hurry-up” offense.  They quickly took control and won the game, 48-29..
Auburn looked as if they were going to get blown out by Alabama in a game dubbed the “Iron Bowl.”  Auburn was down 21-0 after the first quarter and 24-0 at one point in the 2nd quarter.  Heisman hopeful and Auburn QB Cam Newton never gave up and chipped away at the lead.  By the end of the 3rd quarter, Auburn was only down 27-21.  They won the game 28-27 with a 4th quarter touchdown.  Cam Newton is currently being investigated by the NCAA for allegations that his father sought nearly $200,000 for him to play football at Mississippi State.
There are several notable that will not be playing in bowl games this year.  Teams must have 6 wins in order to become “bowl eligible.”  The most notable school that will not play in a bowl game is the University of Texas.  Last year they played in the national championship game.  This year, they only had 5 wins.  Other schools not making a bowl game include:
Iowa State

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The Basics

College Football is absolutely American.  It is essentially a combination of rugby and soccer that was conceived by several universities in the 1870’s.  More...

BCS: Bowl Championship Series, the post season system developed to pit the #1 and #2 teams in the nation against each other in a national championship game.  It determines this through a ranking system that is a combination of two polls where individuals vote on the rankings and a third set of rankings comprised of a number of computer generated polls.  The BCS as a system for college football has been very controversial. 
FBS: Football Bowl Subdivision – a subset of Division I football where the largest football colleges are grouped.  These are the ones you traditionally see on TV.  It is named the Bowl Subdivision because the post season for these teams are the bowl games.
FCS: Football Championship Subdivision – the next level down from FBS where the teams play a play-off to determine their national champion

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