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NFL Overview

Over the next few weeks Chris will be walking you through the information you need to survive this football season. Each week Chris will cover a new aspect of the NFL in terms of the players, teams, and expectations. If you need a little more information check out our pro football basics article.

Eli Manning Giants

NFL Overview #1 – The Players

 17 Aug 2010

If you’ve managed to pull yourself away from Season 1 marathons of Jersey Shore, you’ve noticed a recent uptick in football on TV.  There is a good reason and that’s because the National Football League’s (NFL) season has begun. More...

NFL Overview #2 – The Players Continued

24 Aug 2010

Defensive players generally don’t garner the headlines offensive players do.  Rarely do they make plays on their own. More...

NFL Overview #3 – The Teams

 31 Aug 2010

The third installment of the NFL preview series brings us to talk about a few teams.  Next week, I’ll get into my Super Bowl picks. More...

Peyton Manning and the Colts

NFL Preview Week 16:
It's Time

24 December 2010

This may be the last weekend to watch your favorite stars as teams have the chance to clinch division titles and home field advantage.  With that wrapped up this weekend, many teams will sit their stars to rest them before the play-offs.  There are still a couple pivotal games left.  More...

NFL Preview Week 13:
Why We Watch Football

03 December 2010

The games this weekend represent the reasons we watch football.  From the cold December nights and hard-hitting defenses to the superstars of the league, this weekend will feature some of the best match-ups of the year.

NFL Week 11 Preview:
Clash of the Titans

18 November 2010

The season is really starting to take shape, with a few teams showing they have a real shot to get to the Super Bowl and a few teams showing that they get to spend the play-offs at home.  A few heavy hitters match up this weekend.  We’ll talk about a couple of those games. More...

NFL Week 10 Preview:
Match-Ups Abound

12 November 2010

This Sunday has some great match-ups, including teams that could all play for the Super Bowl.  Donvan McNabb faces his old Philly team and the Patriots face a tough road test in Pittsburgh. More..

NFL Preview Week 8:
Will the Real Football Please Stand Up

28 October 2010

With nearly half of the NFL season complete (I get a little emotional at this point) the only thing that seems to be dominant is that nobody is dominant.  Here are two interesting match-ups.

NFL Preview Week 7:
Hard Hits and Regrets

20 October 2010

This weekend, the NFL will start to impose significant punishment for violent tackles.  In addition, Green Bay may see what they’ve been missing all these years

NFL Preview Week 6:
Make You or Break You Sunday

14 October 2010

Week 6 features two games that will prove decisive for the teams involved.  It’s possible for your season to be in the sewer only a third of the way through the season.  See who should start planning for next year…

NFL Preview Week 5:
Slouching and Smackdowns

07 October 2010

So I was 50-50 last week on my preview.  Who would have known that Vick would have been hurt and the schizophrenic Redskins would pull off a win in Philly.  It won’t happen again.  This week has some intriguing match ups. More...

NFL Preview Week 4 :
The week of the comeback kid

 29 September 2010

If you cheer for the underdog, the comeback kid, or even the guy convicted of running a dog-fighting ring, this is your week.  Read a little further to see why. More...

NFL Preview Week 3:
Who Said Quarterbacks Aren’t Important?

 21 September 2010

The upcoming week of NFL football will be the week of the quarterback.  Listen, despite what everybody may tell you, there are three things that will make an NFL team great – quarterback (QB), head coach, and defensive line. More...

NFL Preview Week 2:
Let’s See

14 September 2010

The most surprising thing about week 1 was that there weren’t any big surprises. The only exception being the New England Patriots’ crushed the Cincinnati Bengals. More...

NFL Preview Week 1:
Kicking Off

 07 September 2010

Ok, so I told a little fib when I said I’d tell you who is going to win the Super Bowl this week.  Let’s let the season progress a little before I go out on a limb and steer you wrong. More...

Mark Sanchez and the Jets

NFL Week 16 Recap:
Playoff Bound

27 December 2010

The NFL playoffs are just a couple of weeks away which means that it is crunch time for many NFL teams who are hoping to be playing well into January.  Many teams control their own destiny, meaning if they win they are in; others can get into the playoffs simply by having other teams lose. More...

NFL Preview Week 9:
Exposure Sunday

04 November 2010

Two low-key match ups this Sunday have the potential to expose a few teams as fakes or for real.  I, of course, have an opinion.


NFL Week 12 Recap:
Fights, Big Disappointments, and Big Wins

29 November 2010

Week 12 in the NFL featured a fight between two players worthy of the price of an admission ticket, a disappointing loss for the hapless Buffalo Bills, and a huge win for one of the NFL’s better teams, the Atlanta Falcons.  More...

NFL Week 8 Recap:
Life Lesson- Quit While You Are Ahead

01 November 2010

Ever get on a hot streak but know it’s just a matter of time before you get smacked down? In his infinite wisdom, my old man would warn in such situations to quit while I was ahead. Two old quarterbacks, Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre both had rough efforts in leading their teams to losses on Sunday. Gentlemen, it might be time to hang up your spikes.

NFL Week 3 Recap:
Who is for real?

26 September 2010

There were several compelling storylines heading into this weekend’s NFL action.  The Dallas Cowboys, a pick of some (especially if you live in Dallas) to go to the Super Bowl, went into this weekend without a win.  More...

NFL Week 2 Recap:
No Country for Old Men

20 September 2010

Sometimes you just have to quit while you are ahead.  A rough week for Brett Favre, still no love for the Detroit Lions, a not-so-intense sibling rivalry, and an 0-2 start for “America’s Team” highlight the action from Week 2.  Here is what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler on Monday. More...

NFL Week 1 Recap:
Let the Games Begin!

13 September 2010

Sunday was the day that millions across the country were waiting for—the start of another NFL season.  Countless hours will be spent over the next 17 weeks in front of flat screens across the country every Sunday afternoon. More...

NotaSportsGuy Football Updates

Blacked Out and Pissed Off

 16 September 2010

You may not even care.  In fact, if you’re Not a Sports Guy, you probably don’t.  Either way, TV blackouts in the NFL are a quick way to incense gobs of fans.  Here’s how it works.  More...

Baby Mama Drama

25 Aug 2010

In the past, the only football on HBO was 20-year old footage from NFL Films that was shown at 3:00am on a weekday. More...

He Passed!

 07 Aug 2010

So we should all take a moment to congratulate Albert Haynesworth on passing his fitness test 10 days into his team's training camp. More...

NFL:  Dude, it’s about time.

 05 Aug 2010

Millions of Americans can finally watch TV again.  This Sunday marks the official beginning of the National Football League’s (NFL) season.  Annually, the NFL has started things off with what they call the “Hall of Fame Game.” More...

Third Time a Charm?

 04 Aug 2010

Brett Favre reportedly retired for the third time today from professional football.  The 10-15 days of Brett Favre being retired has become a much publicized and predicable event the last three years. More...

Could you run 600 Yards for $100 Million?

 01 Aug 2010

As NFL training camps open in preparation for the start of the season in September, some of the biggest (literally) news has come out of Washington. More...

Donovan McNabb

Fantasy Football:
Feeling Randy???

05 November 2010

Another truly bizarre week in the NFL.  Randy Moss was released after spending only a month with the Vikings.  Brett Favre looked like Betty White against the Pats, and Donovan McNabb was benched in the 4th quarter for Rex Grossman (seriously) and then went on to get pummeled by the once-pathetic Lions.  Oh, and it’s light out in San Diego for Shawne Merriman as he heads off to the winless Buffalo Bills. More...

It’s All About the Match-Ups

 24 September 2010

There are two schools of thought on setting fantasy rosters.  The first strategy is to simply play the best player at each position each week.  The other strategy is to start the player with the best match-up each week. More...

Don’t Waiver, Get on the Wire!

14 September 2010

Well, you made it through the draft and now you have seen how your team performed in week 1.  Don’t be discouraged if your players didn’t live up to the hype.  Week 1 in the NFL can be full of flukes and slow-starts. More...

Is it real….or Just Fantasy? 

 03 September 2010

If you are new to Fantasy Football, you may be surprised to discover that... it is actually about football, talking smack, and hours of obsession.  More...

What Fantasy World Are You Living In?

June 8th 2010

It has yet to hit your workplace, but it’s only a matter of time.  The “it” is the phenomenon known as fantasy football. More...