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NFL Week 8:
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01 November 2010

 Rough games from the Vikings’ Brett Favre and the Redskins’ Donovan McNabb were the highlights of this weekend’s action in the NFL.  There were several teams that had bye weeks this weekend, but the teams that did play provided plenty of action that your friends and coworkers will be discussing in the beginning of this week:

Old Man 1—Brett Favre:  

New England Patriots 28, Minnesota Vikings 18.  Vikings’ quarterback Brett Favre came into this game already pretty beat up.  He has a couple of stress fractures in his shin and tendinitis in his elbow.  Well, on Sunday add a busted chin and 8 stitches to that list.  Favre made his 292nd straight start and hung in the game until the fourth quarter when he was stuck by a Patriots’ defensive player under his chin after throwing a pass.  Favre played OK in the game prior to getting knocked out of the contest, but the star of the game was Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.  He scrambled away from a Vikings’ defender and connected with wide receiver Brandon Tate for a 65-yard touchdown to put the Patriots up for good.

Good one-liner:  “It seems like Favre is just starting now to keep his record going.” (Quote references the fact that Favre has the NFL-record for consecutive starts, but his injuries are probably limiting his playmaking abilities).

Old Man 2—Donovan McNabb:

Detroit Lions 37, Washington Redskins 25.  It was out with the old, in with the new in Washington this weekend.  Matt Stafford, the Lions’ second year quarterback, returned from an injury to throw four touchdowns and lead the Lions to 37 points.  On the other end of the spectrum, Redskins’ quarterback Donovan McNabb was benched for the last two possessions of the game.  McNabb had many successful seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and was traded to the Redskins this past off-season.  He has had an up and down year and is starting to show some signs of his age.  When asked about the benching, Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan stated that the backup quarterback Rex Grossman gave the Redskins “the best scenario for us to win.”  Well, Grossman fumbled the ball on his first play and Lions’ rookie Ndamukong Suh picked up the ball and returned it seven yards for a touchdown.  Mike, apparently Grossman did not present the best scenario unless you are a Detroit Lion.

Good one-liner:  “The Lions are really starting to look better.” (Quote references the fact that the Detroit Lions, long the NFL’s laughing stock, are slowly starting to return the franchise to respectability).

Hitting a Man While He’s Down: 

Jacksonville Jaguars 35, Dallas Cowboys 17.  The good news for the Cowboys on Sunday?  After losing their starting quarterback, Tony Romo, to an injury last week, his replacement—38-year old Jon Kitna—threw for nearly 380 yards.  The bad news?  He also threw four interceptions. Kitna’s interceptions put the Cowboys’ defense in tough situations all game and the Jaguars capitalized well off the Dallas miscues.  Jaguars’ quarterback David Garrard threw four touchdown passes and rushed for another as this year just keeps getting worse for the Cowboys who only have one win on the season.

Other news and notes:

-The Buffalo Bills are the NFL’s only winless team this year.  They had their best chance for a victory on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, but lost by a score of 13-10 as the Chiefs kicked a field goal to win in overtime. 

-The Green Bay Packers shocked the New York Jets on Sunday, shutting them out for the first time in four years.  The Packers’ offense wasn’t much better either, but they made some plays when they had to as their three field goals lifted them to a 9-0 victory.

-Monday night’s game (8:30pm, ESPN) features two 4-2 teams going against each other with the Houston Texans paying a visit to the Indianapolis Colts.  This game features two powerful offenses, so it should be a fun game to watch.

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