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 05 November 2010

Another truly bizarre week in the NFL.  Randy Moss was released after spending only a month with the Vikings.  Brett Favre looked like Betty White against the Pats, and Donovan McNabb was benched in the 4th quarter for Rex Grossman (seriously) and then went on to get pummeled by the once-pathetic Lions.  Oh, and it’s light out in San Diego for Shawne Merriman as he heads off to the winless Buffalo Bills.
It won’t get you any extra fantasy points, but if you have Moss on your team, you could watch him set an NFL record in week 10 by catching a touchdown pass for three different teams in the same season.  His move to the Titan’s is probably good for Fantasy players since Brett Favre looks too banged up to play effectively and his back-up, Tavarius Jackson, is downright awful.  Moss will have a chance to make some plays in the Tennessee offense with Vince Young slinging the ball down field.
In need of a quarterback?  In case you own one of the injured, benched, or worhless quarterbacks in the NFL, take a look at the waiver wire.  There are decent players available, to include Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman (I know I bashed him in a previous article).  Freeman has performed very well thus far this year, but is still available in many leagues.
My pick of the week is New England’s law firm, BenJarvus Green-Ellis.  Green-Ellis has once again made Belichick look like a genius for trading Laurence Maroney to Denver.  Green-Ellis has a nose for the end zone and is a must-start against Cleveland.
Don’t forget that the following teams have a bye this week: Denver, Jacksonville, San Francisco, St. Louis, Tennessee, and Washington.


Bye week:  A week that a team does not play a game.  For example, the NFL season is seventeen weeks long, but teams only play sixteen games because during one of the weeks, they will have a “bye.”

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