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NFL Preview Week 5:
Slouching and Smackdowns.  Share

07 October 2010

So I was 50-50 last week on my preview.  Who would have known that Vick would have been hurt and the schizophrenic Redskins would pull off a win in Philly.  It won’t happen again.  This week has some intriguing match ups.
Minnesota Vikings at the New York Jets
Although this game didn’t seem all that interesting three days ago, things have changed.  Star New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss was traded to the Vikings yesterday.  Moss is likely a future hall of famer and one of the elite wide receivers in the NFL despite his age (he’s 33 years old which is getting up there in terms of football age).  I actually saw Moss in person while I was in college and he was the best player on the field by far.  At any rate, Moss has been known for causing problems in the locker room, so he’s been to several teams in his career.  Now, he’s back where he started his NFL career, in Minnesota.  This Monday, Minnesota plays the Jets who have the best cornerback in the game today, Darrelle Revis.  Revis will likely have to guard Moss in this game.  What makes the match up interesting is that when Moss’ old team, the Patriots, played the Jets, Revis accused Moss of basically giving up in the second half.  He mentioned that Moss plays 100% some of the time and less than that the rest of the time.  In the off-season, Revis called Moss a “slouch.”  You can bet that Moss would like nothing more than to burn Revis up and down the field this Monday.  Now, to temper your excitement, this enticing match up has the potential of not happening.  Although Moss will probably play this Monday night, he needs some time to learn the system (even though he’ll be a quick study as an NFL veteran), so his contribution could be limited.  In addition, Revis has been battling injuries this year and may end up sitting this one out, but I doubt it.  If they’re both on the field, it will make for good football.  The Jets will win at home.

New Orleans Saints at the Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals are a disaster.  Their troubles this season surround the quarterback position.  In the off-season, their best quarterback, Kurt Warner retired from football (he is 39).  Their back up was a former college super star, Matt Leinart.  Leinart was heralded coming out of college as the future of the team.  Unfortunately, he went the way of many promising quarterbacks, straight into the sewer.  He never really caught on in the NFL and spent his time throwing more interceptions than touchdowns.  Frustrated, the Cardinals cut him from the team.  Out of options, the Cardinals went out and got Derek Anderson, an ineffectual quarterback from the Cleveland Browns.  In the Cardinals’ two losses this year, they were outscored by like 70 points.  Not what you’re looking for.  In search of some way to compete, they are turning to Max Hall, an undrafted quarterback from Brigham Young University.  He’s thrown for a grand total of 85 yards in the NFL.  This week, Arizona faces the defending Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints.  Needless to say, this one could get ugly.  Not only is Arizona a dumpster fire (stole this colorful metaphor from Colin Cowherd, my favorite ESPN commentator), but they are facing a New Orleans team that has seemingly underperformed so far this year.  You can bet that they’ll look to make up some ground against an Arizona team that couldn’t find their ass with both hands.  New Orleans wins big and its over by half time.
One Liner:  “The Vikings are going to be scary in three weeks.” Referring to the offensive power the Vikings will have when their other star wide receiver Sidney Rice comes back from injury.  They’ll have future Hall of Famer Brett Favre at quarterback, Adrian Peterson at running back (the best in the game today), Sidney Rice and Randy Moss at wide receiver, and Visanthe Shianco at tight end (another excellent receiver).
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