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NFL Week One—Let the Games Begin! Share

13 September 2010

Sunday was the day that millions across the country were waiting for—the start of another NFL season.  Countless hours will be spent over the next 17 weeks in front of flat screens across the country every Sunday afternoon.  So what did week one have in store?  A few upsets, surprises, and a couple of great games.  Here is what everyone will be talking about around the water cooler on Monday:

Most exciting game:  Green Bay Packers 27, Philadelphia Eagles 20.  The Packers have one of the NFL’s most exciting offenses, and Philadelphia fans were excited to see their new quarterback Kevin Kolb in action.  The Eagles had an awful first half offensively, only managing a field goal and falling behind 13-3.  Kolb suffered a concussion and the Eagles’ back-up quarterback, Michael Vick, came into the game and reinvigorated the Eagles’ offense.  Vick, a three time pro-bowl quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons, returned to the NFL last season with the Eagles after serving time in jail for running a dog fighting ring (even most non-sports fans know about Vick’s trials and tribulations, but if you don’t, drop me an email and I’ll fill you in).  Inevitably there will be talk about a quarterback controversy in Philadelphia now as Kolb looked terrible and Vick looked great, passing for 175 yards and running for 103.  Vick didn’t do much to support Kolb after the game, stating that “I feel like if I had been out there for four quarters, maybe we would've had a chance to win the game.”  Will Vick be the starter next week?  Even if the Eagles decide to go with Kolb again next week, Vick will be the talk of the league for some time to come.

One-liner:  “I can’t stand Michael Vick as a person, but he is exciting to watch as a player.”

Biggest upset:  It’s hard to say which of these games was the biggest upset, so I’ll include both of them:

Seattle Seahawks 31, San Francisco 49ers 6.  The 49ers were the favorites of most “experts” to win their division, but they laid an egg in Seattle on Sunday.  San Francisco’s offense never got on track as their quarterback, Alex Smith, threw two costly interceptions and their star running back, Frank Gore, was held to only 38 yards on the ground.  The win was a big one for Seattle who is trying to revive their program under Pete Carroll who is spending his first year in Seattle after coaching successfully in the college ranks at USC (University of Southern California).

Houston Texans 34, Indianapolis Colts 24.  Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning had a huge game, throwing for nearly 350 yards and 3 touchdowns, but his performance was not enough as the Texans won this huge opening game.  The Texans are a trendy pick to do well this year after many mediocre seasons, and the Colts are coming off a year in which they went to the Super Bowl.  The Texans did not show much of a passing attack on Sunday, but they didn’t need it.  Their running back, Arian Foster, rumbled for 231 yards and three touchdowns which was the second most yards ever for a running back in a season opener.  The record holder?  Your good friend and mine, OJ Simpson.

Almost upset:  Chicago Bears 19, Detroit Lions 14.  As Chris told us in his preview article ( the Lions are terrible. They have not won a game away from their home stadium in three years.  They almost took a step toward respectability on Sunday in Chicago, but a key injury and an official’s reversal kept their road winless streak alive.  The Lions’ starting quarterback, Matt Stafford, was knocked out of the game in the second quarter by a crushing hit from the Bears’ Julius Peppers.  Near the end of the game, their star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, made what looked like a go-ahead touchdown catch with only a few seconds remaining in the game.  However, the officials ruled that the catch was not a touchdown after watching the replays.  Both coaches agreed after the game that Johnson did not cleanly catch the ball.  For Detroit fans, the bad luck continues…

One-liner:  “No matter how many good players the Lions get, they just can’t win.” 

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