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NFL Preview Week 6:
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14 October 2010

Dallas Cowboys at the Minnesota Vikings
Broadcast:  4:15 PM, Fox

Both of these teams enter this week with a 1-3 record (one wins and three losses).  I told you how scary good the Vikings could be once wide receiver Randy Moss gets going and injured wide receiver Sidney Rice is back from injury.  I still think that’s true, but they’re going to have to win a few games between now and then to stay in the hunt for the play-offs.  Enter quarterback Brett Favre’s off the field drama and it looks like things might get tougher (in case you missed it, Brett has been accused of propositioning a NY Jets journalist and sending her pictures of his manhood).  Now, he has tendonitis in his throwing elbow and has indicated he may sit out a game or two if it’s too bad.  Brett holds the NFL record for consecutive starts at 289.  To give you an idea of the magnitude of 289 games, he’s started every game he’s played in since 1992 when Al Gore invented the Internet.  If this game goes bad for the Vikings, especially with all the distractions around Brett, the Vikings may be done, even with their talented players.

On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys managed once again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the Tennessee Titans last week.  Quarterback Tony Romo found a way to throw three more interceptions to go along with his three touchdowns.  If the Cowboys lose again, their ability to make the play-offs after a 1-4 start is essentially nil, especially playing in the competitive division of the NFC East.  The talk of firing their coach, Wade Phillips is starting to bubble up in Dallas.  As a Cowboys fan, I’m ready for him to go.  In the end, I think the Vikings will pull this one out at home.  Brett will play despite his tendonitis. 

In terms of the scandal, I hope the allegations are false.  Favre is my favorite NFL players of all time.  Playing through pain, always a team player, and sort of a cut-up on the field (he once asked a ref when the game started like he was worried he showed up late), Brett Favre is the kind of player you could actually point to as a role model.  Maybe not anymore, but we’ll see.

One Liner:  “The Vikings won’t lose another game.” Referring to the rest of Minnesota’s schedule this year.  They really only have two more “tough” opponents, the Patriots on Halloween and maybe the Eagles the day after Christmas.  It’s conceivable they could run the rest of the table. 

Oakland Raiders at the San Francisco 49ers
Broadcast:  4:05 PM, CBS
The head coach of the San Francisco 49ers is Mike Singletary.  He is a famous linebacker that played for the Chicago Bears from 1981 to 1992.  He essentially changed the way the game was played.  While on the field, he was probably one of the most feared defensive players.  Known for the way his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he scanned the field for his next victim, Mike shows up in the nightmares of most quarterbacks that played in the 80s.  Unfortunately for him, the only thing he’s scaring up as a head coach is losses.  This year the 49ers are 0-5.  The University of Southern California’s football team may be able to give San Fran a run for their money. 

This week, they face the Oakland Raiders, the perennial band geek of the NFL.  In the past 10 years, when the Raiders come to town to play football, they get stuffed in the locker with a wedgie and an uncomfortable limp.  Luckily for San Francisco, this year the Raiders hold pretty much to form.  Despite an uncharacteristic win last week against the San Diego Chargers (I can’t even explain this one), the Raiders will continue to flop.  Enter San Francisco.  If the 49ers can’t pull off a win this weekend and start the season 0-6, I have a feeling Mike Singletary may have to rely on making Weight Watchers commercials for a living (several NFL figures have recently appeared in weight loss commercials).  If I’m picking a winner, I’d have to go with San Francisco.  Oakland is just terrible and San Francisco needs the win.

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