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NFL Preview Week 2 – Let’s See Share

14 September 2010

The most surprising thing about week 1 was that there weren’t any big surprises. The only exception being the New England Patriots’ crushed the Cincinnati Bengals.  The “experts” felt like the Patriots were on their way down, but it looks like they were able to silence their critics with a 38-24 victory.
Anyways, here are two games to watch this coming weekend to see if teams are what we saw last weekend or if they’re somebody different.
Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans
The Pittsburgh Steelers struggled against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but that’s not surprising.  The Falcons aren’t that bad and the Steelers have their third string quarterback playing.
This Sunday, the Steelers face the Titans who completely blasted the Oakland Raiders by 25 points last week. This weekend the Steelers’ defense will have a chance to prove whether it  is actually legitimate (or not).  Holding the Falcons to only 9 points is one thing, but the Titans seem to be built to score.  If the Steelers can hold the Titans at bay in this game, they may have a real chance this year once their star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, comes back from his suspension.
On the other hand, we’ll also see if the Tennessee Titans are as good as they looked last week, or if the Oakland Raiders were just that bad. If the Titans can limit the Steelers to 10 points, we’ll know they are for real this year.  My take?  The Titans beat the Steelers because their defense confuses Pittsburgh’s young quarterback, Dennis Dixon.
Chicago Bears at the Dallas Cowboys
The Chicago Bears played the Detroit Lions on Sunday.  The Detroit Lions were so bad last year that competing against them was like playing poker against your sister’s kids.  To make matters worse, their quarterback, Matt Stafford, sustained a shoulder injury, putting him out for up to 8 weeks.  The Bears still struggled, attempting multiple times to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory due to bonehead calls by their head coach.

In the same vein, the Cowboys found a way to lose to the Washington Redskins (their archrival and a team that was pretty bad last year).  Despite being loaded with probably the most talent in the league, Dallas runs the “choke” play with the best of them.  This week, Chicago travels to Dallas, just happy to be 1-0, to play a Dallas team that has something to prove.  Jay Cutler, the Bears’ quarterback, is near the top of the league in interceptions thrown.  I think Dallas will catch some of those interceptions this coming Sunday.  Watch for a pass-happy game with plenty of action, but a Dallas victory.

One Liner:  “Vince Young sure has come a long way.” Referring to Titans quarterback Vince Young, who has performed very well from the end of last season through game one.  He had multiple off the field problems and almost seemed certain to go down the drain, but has enjoyed a resurgence of late.

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