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Blacked Out and Pissed Off  Share

 16 September 2010

You may not even care.  In fact, if you’re Not a Sports Guy, you probably don’t.  Either way, TV blackouts in the NFL are a quick way to incense gobs of fans.  Here’s how it works.  Every NFL team plays about half their games at home.  Normally, your local TV affiliate broadcasts the game.  Regions without an NFL team get the game that is played closest to them.  However, if your home game hasn’t sold out at the stadium within 72 hours of kickoff, the NFL blacks out the game from local TV.  That’s right, the NFL refuses to broadcast a game to local fans if they don’t sell all the tickets to the game. 

Talk about screwing fans.  This rule has been a long-standing NFL policy that they refuse to change.  Their argument is that the experience at the stadium is unique and owners and cities pay major bucks to build them.  Several teams are facing potential black outs of home games this year, to include the New York Jets.  In fact, the owner of the Jets is considering buying back the remaining unsold tickets to avoid city-wide riots if the game isn’t carried on TV.    
Have you checked ticket prices to an NFL game lately?  I have.  For a Washington Redskins game, consider this….$35 dollars for nosebleed seats, times two seats, that’s 70 bucks.  Now pay Stub Hub the $17 for the mandatory FedEx fee, $87.  Plan on starving?  Nope, you’re going to grab a chili dog and a beer, $20 per meal, so we’re up to $127.  Now figure parking at 40 bucks, so now you’ve paid $167 for you and your boy to go watch the Redskins from nosebleed seats while the drunk next to you spills your beer all over your son’s brand new Donovan McNabb jersey.  Luckily, it’s a balmy 25 degrees outside so you can spare your jacket to keep your kid warm.  Good times, pops.  Or, how bout this…because you just lost your job holding furniture store signs at major intersections in your town, you don’t have $150 to burn on a single game “experience.”  You instead pay $300 to watch EVERY NFL game EVERY Sunday on your 52” Samsung LCD in HD.  It’s called NFL Sunday Ticket and it’s awesome.  With Sunday ticket you can just tune to the RedZone channel where the broadcast jumps from game to game, but it features only games that have a team that is about to score.  I was exhausted after watching the channel for only 30 minutes.  My heart almost gave out from all the excitement.  Did I mention that I had a beer I paid $1 for at the grocery store to go with my chips and Salsa that probably set me back about 4 bucks.  And I parked my car in the driveway for free.  My 5-year-old did try to spill my beer, so I paused the game to teach him the finer points of watching where the hell he was going before pushing play and watching the replay of the crappy call by the referee that Calvin Johnson didn’t make that touchdown catch.  Get the point?

NotaSportsGuy Football Updates

Wanna know why nobody is going to football games?  Because they’re too damned expensive and people have lots of better things to blow $150 on, such as car payments and college savings (especially these days).  So while you’re minding your own business, trying to save a buck, the NFL pays you and your buddies back for not supporting their roster of multi-millionaires by blacking out the game.  Thanks, Roger (NFL Commissioner).  If you thought people wanted to throw the bums out of Congress, imagine if these people were elected.  Now that I’m done with that, let me get back to Monday Night Football.
One Liner:  “Maybe if I didn’t have to work for a week to go see an NFL game, they wouldn’t have to worry about black outs.”  -- Referring to the extreme cost of going to an NFL game at the stadium.

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