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NFL Preview Week 11:
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18 November 2010

NY Giants Kick off
Indianapolis Colts at the New England Patriots
Broadcast:  4:15, CBS

Last weekend the New England Patriots looked every bit of a Super Bowl bound team, solidly beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, giving them only their third loss of the season.  Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Patriots, had a phenomenal game, throwing for 350 yards and three touchdowns.  He also ran for a TD.  He played like he had something to prove after his team lost to the Cleveland Browns the previous week.

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts are going to New England after a respectable victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.  Petyon Manning has been very efficient this year, having to deal with the loss of Dallas Clark, likely the best receiving tight end in the nation, and no featured running back.

This week, when the two best quarterbacks of the decade meet, both would like to get their team one game closer to the play-offs.  You can expect an offensive shoot-out, which is what most people want to watch anyways.  With the Patriots playing at home, the Colts still down a few key players, the Patriots will likely win this one.  Manning will keep it close, but if Brady starts to get hot, watch out, he could put up some points.

New York Giants at the Philadelphia Eagles
Broadcast:  8:20 PM, NBC

Last weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles dismantled the Redskins.  I don’t mean by just a little bit, they embarrassed them.  They scored 59 points, the most on Monday Night Football….EVER.  28 of those points came in the first quarter.  The Eagles quarterback, Michael Vick looked completely unstoppable.  When Vick was at Atlanta, he was criticized for not being an efficient pocket passer and for relying too much on his running ability (he’s sick-fast).  Think video-game fast.  Now, after 18 months in federal orange jumpsuit prison, and a year of rehab with the Eagles, it looks like Vick has matured and figured out the position of quarterback.  It looks like it clicks.  It also helps that he has some young speed around him to catch the ball. 
This Sunday, in walk the NY Giants.  New York has looked like the best team in the National Football Conference (NFC) for much of the season.  That is, until last weekend when the down-trodden Dallas Cowboys came to New Jersey (the New York Giants actually play in a stadium that sits in New Jersey.  There’s just no room in the Bronx.  The Washington Redskins play in Maryland, but I digress).  The Cowboys solidly defeated the Giants, taking them down a notch or two.

So this weekend, the two meet.  I think the Giants won’t play like the defeated little skinny kid that lesser teams would.  Their head coach, Tom Coughlin, won’t allow it.  But at the same time, the Eagles are playing unbelievable ball right now.  Vick looks like he’s in the zone and if he puts in another performance like he did the other night, the Eagles will be just about everybody’s favorite team in the NFC.  The Eagles will win, but not in a blow out. 

One Liner:  “How crazy would it be if Vick went from prison to NFL MVP in two years?” Referring to Vick’s recent emergence as a first rate QB, only two years after completing an 18 month prison term.

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