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NFL Preview Week 3 – Who Said Quarterbacks Aren’t Important? Share

 21 September 2010

The upcoming week of NFL football will be the week of the quarterback.  Listen, despite what everybody may tell you, there are three things that will make an NFL team great – quarterback (QB), head coach, and defensive line.  The rest is negotiable.  Few teams have even reached the Super Bowl without having all three.  So this week, here are three games where the QB makes all the difference.

Tennessee Titans at New York Giants
In the game this week, the head coach of the Titans, Jeff Fisher yanked their starting QB, Vince Young from the game in the 4th quarter.  Apparently, his play was so awful, Coach preferred the back-up, Kerry Collins.  Young has played good football as of late, so pulling him in the last quarter after a couple interceptions and a fumble was kind of surprising.  Nonetheless, Fisher is one of the great coaches in the game and has his reasons.  Some have thought this creates a “quarterback controversy” in Tennessee.  The Titans say there is none.  Really, the only controversy in Tennessee is that they don’t have a good QB.  In contrast, Eli Manning, the QB for the NY Giants, was out-played by his older brother on Sunday.  There is no controversy in NY and Eli will likely bounce back from a tough game and throw all over the place.  It may be close, but it all comes down to the QB play of both teams.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Steelers have a problem – they’re going through QBs this season like a white flag vendor in 1940 Vichy France.  Ben Roethlisberger is in time-out for violating NFL rules, Byron Leftwich was injured, Charlie Batch ran out of Ensure (Batch is like 45 years old or something), and now Dennis Dixon was injured.  To get the team through, they have resigned Leftwich two days after they let him go.  His injury is supposedly better and the Steelers are desperate.  Luckily, they’re playing the Buccaneers this Sunday.  I had a buddy who put it best by saying that Tampa Bay managed to find a way to have a full roster of second stringers.  I don’t even think I can tell you one person on their roster without looking online.  That’s pretty bad.  Steeler fans should fret not.  They’ll pull out a win this Sunday, and probably would without playing a quarterback at all.

Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Eagles DO have a quarterback controversy.  It’s actually a good problem to have – they have two pretty good quarterbacks.  Kevin Kolb (the starter) was injured and this week Michael Vick was forced to start.  He played very well, leading his team to a victory over a Detroit Lions team who were playing above themselves.  Vick is a proven NFL QB who was a super-star for the Atlanta Falcons before going to prison in connection to a dog fighting ring.  The Eagles let their long time quarterback go this year in favor of the younger Kolb.  This upcoming weekend he is supposed to be back from his concussion.  Kolb’s experience as a QB can be compared to an Alaskan Governor’s foreign policy experience, or that of a community organizer.  Head coach Andy Reid said he’ll start.  Vick has said he doesn’t mind being the back-up.  Maybe.  If Kolb misses one pass, Philly fans will be rabid for the dynamic Vick to be the starter (Video game moves were modeled after Michael Vick’s on-the-field exploits).  There is much bad news for Vick (he would like nothing more than to be the starter) this Sunday.  The Eagles are playing the Jaguars.  Jacksonville isn’t a great team so Kolb should play well.  He’ll keep his starting job for now, but he’s on a short string.
One Liner:  “The Steelers should just run the wildcat against the Bucs.” Referring to an offensive scheme that either has no quarterback, or moves him to a wide receiver position.

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