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24 May 2010

The Chicago Blackhawks have clinched their spot in the NHL Finals by sweeping the San Jose Sharks in the best of seven series for the Western Conference Championship.  This is the first time the Chicago Blackhawks have reached the Stanley Cup Finals in 18 years.  The most exciting part of the game came midway through the second period when Duncan Keith of the Blackhawks took a puck to the mouth.  Viewers could see his mouthpiece and several teeth fly out of his mouth.  He lost seven teeth in all, but amazingly, he was back out on the ice for the third period.  That’s tough.  In the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia Flyers lead the Montreal Canadiens 3-1 in their best of seven series.  They’ll play game five on Monday May 24th, where a Philadelphia win will set the stage for an exciting Stanley Cup Final.

One Liner: “I wouldn’t count out the habs.”  The Montreal Canadiens won Game 3 of the series 5-1.  They have the potential to pull it off.  However, winning 3 straight is difficult.

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The Basics

-The Chicago Blackhawks swept the San Jose Sharks in four straight games to secure their spot in the NHL Finals.

-The Philadelphia Flyers are leading the Montreal Canadiens 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

NHL Play-offs: The National Hockey League has 30 teams organized into two conferences, western and eastern, with each conference having three divisions.  The NHL originated in Canada, although most teams are American.  The winner of the NHL’s play-offs is awarded the Stanley Cup, named after Lord Stanley of Canada when he donated a cup to the best Canadian hockey team.  Many people have gripes about NHL’s play-off system because over half of the teams make the play-offs (16 of 30) after an 82 game regular season.


Habs: The nickname for the Montreal Canadiens.  They are also known by the French Les Habitants, and Habs is short for Habitants.

Lord Stanley’s Mug: Another name for the Stanley Cup. 
Ice – Refers to the ice rink where the games are played.

Zamboni: A machine that resurfaces the ice rink before and during breaks in a hockey game.  It is said that many Canadians’ retirement dream is to drive the Zamboni for their local NHL team.

Penalty Box: Where a player sits after he commits a penalty.  A team must play down a player until the penalty time has expired.

Icing: An infraction where a team strikes the puck and it crosses two red lines without anybody touching the puck.  The rule prevents an inferior team from just playing only defense and blasting the puck to the other end whenever they get a chance to hit it.