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25 July 2010

The spectacle known as the Tour de France is officially over and Alberto Contador stood atop the podium for the 3rd time in only 4 years.  The 27year-old Spaniard edged out Andy Schleck in the final stage on Sunday.  It wasn’t exactly “out like a lamb” for Lance Armstrong on the final day.  In fact, he held up the entire field while his Radio Shack team had to change out of their unauthorized uniforms.  The Radio Shack team decided to wear custom jerseys with the number “28” on the back to recognize the 28 million people currently battling cancer.  Now I may sound coarse for criticizing such a noble gesture by a man who has fought such an incredible battle with cancer, but Lance Armstrong just can’t let the spotlight go.  His choir boy image has been tarnished (mostly self inflicted) and he has turned into the American Idol karaoke singer that just won’t leave the stage.  Lance’s time is over and it appears that Andy Schleck has won the hearts of the racing world.  In the midst of publicity stunts and doping, he was extremely classy both during and after the race.  Even after a disappointing 23rd place finish, my guess is that we will see more of Lance Armstrong in the days and years to come.

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The Basics:

 -Alberto Contador of Spain won the 2010 Tour de France by 39 seconds

-Lance Armstrong had one more publicity stunt in his bag…attempting to wear an unauthorized jersey to bring attention to the 28 million people fighting cancer

-Andy Schleck of Luxembourg finished second for the second year in a row

The Cast of Characters:
Lance Armstrong- Winner of the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Tour de France.  Has overcome testicular cancer that had spread all over his body to mount an extremely successful professional cycling career.  Armstrong has been accused by Floyd Landis of “doping” during at least 3 of his Tour victories.
Floyd Landis- 2006 winner of the Tour de France who was stripped of his title after failing a blood test.  Landis maintained his innocence until May 20, 2010 when he admitted to doping.  He accused Lance Armstrong of participating in an underground doping program from 2002-2004.
Greg LeMond- Winner of the 1986, 1989 and 1990 Tour de France.  Lance Armstrong has recently accused LeMond of doping during the 1989 Tour.  LeMond maintains his innocence.