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PGA: Eight Times a Bridesmaid, Finally a Bride

9 May 2010      Share

This time of year, most sports fans are consumed with professional basketball playoffs and professional hockey playoffs.  However, this year may be different.  Since late November, exactly 5,972 women have come forward claiming to have had an affair with Tiger Woods.  Suddenly, the sport that used to be great background noise for a weekend afternoon nap has grabbed the attention of the sporting world.  This week only fueled that interest.  This week marked the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Players Championship.  While this tournament is not technically one of the 4 “major” tournaments, most golfers believe this is the 5th biggest tournament of the year.   After a mediocre first three rounds of golf, Tiger Woods withdrew from his final round on the 7th hole due to a neck injury.  Apparently, it was an injury that had been bothering him for several months.  Maybe since he drove his Escalade into a tree on November 27th?  Who knows?  What we do know is that as Tiger was leaving the medical trailer, there was a plane overhead towing a banner that was advertising a website that sells golfballs with pictures of Tiger’s alleged mistresses.  Amidst the drama adequate for a Lifetime movie, a 5’7” South African golfer named Tim Clark managed to win by one shot.  Tim Clark had played over 200 PGA Tournaments and amassed over $14 million over his career, but he had never won.  Eight times he found himself in second place, but with a 16 under par he finally got the elusive victory by a slim 1 shot margin.

One Liner: “People watch NASCAR for the crashes and hockey for the fights…I watch golf for the people getting tasered.”  Background: On Friday, there was a man at the Players Championship heckling some of the golfers, to include Tiger Woods.  He refused to leave the course and security used a taser to “convince” him to leave.   This seems to be a trend in professional sports.  Earlier this week, a 17 year old kid was tasered for running on the field during a Philadelphia Phillies game.

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The Basics

-The Players Championship is the 5th biggest tournament of the year.

-Tiger Woods withdrew on the 7th hole Sunday due to a neck injury.

-South African Tim Clark wins his first PGA Tour victory.


Majors- The four biggest tournaments of the year.  They are: The Masters, The British Open, The PGA Championship, The US Open.

TPC- The Players Club.  There are several golf courses throughout the country that have “TPC” in their title.  This designation just means that the course is owned by the PGA Tour.  The Players Championship was played at TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville, FL.

Under Par- TPS Sawgrass is a par 72, meaning it should take 72 shots to complete the 18-hole course.  If it takes you 71 shots, you were 1 under par.  The tournament scoring is cumulative for the 4 rounds.